Seth Godin’s, Tribes – Book Review

20 Aug

TribesSeth Godin is one of our favourite people.  He’s many things – a marketing guru, an author, an entrepreneur, a thought leader . . . but most importantly for us, he’s an inspiration. He’s written fourteen books, all best sellers, and we think this one rings the most true with Naked Ambition’s movement.  In Tribes, Seth defines a tribe as a group of people that simply needs two things: a connection to an idea, a leader or one another and a way to communicate.  And if it’s that simple, that means we now all have the power to find and create our own tribe that shares a common passion.  Is it dog training specifically for pugs you love?  Got a passion for investing in socially responsible companies in Bangladesh?  Whatever it is you love, it’s now an unprecedented time in history where you can connect with other people who love it too!

Perhaps most comforting thing is the fact that Seth points out we don’t need to quit our jobs, join a hippy commune and preach on the street corner to be a leader and make a difference. You can bring your own ideas and personal message anywhere and make change happen.  You can create more social responsibility within the large corporate you work for or promote a healthy lifestyle in your lawfirm or bring your Sales Team’s results to new heights by being yourself and having a genuine leadership style. And the best part is you don’t need formal permission from anyone to do it.  “Great leaders create movements by empowering the tribe to communicate. They establish the foundation for people to make connections, as opposed to commanding people to follow them.”

Tribes encourages us all to think differently about leadership and why now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to lead.  Take a risk, back yourself and learn why it’s easier than ever to change everything.

Watch the TED Talk Here  and/or subscribe to his blog – good stuff!


Erica @ Naked Ambition



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